The Unbroken Chain

The Acts are most assuredly back on track, and the first book, A Search in Secret Egypt, is nearing completion. I must give a good deal of the credit to comedian Jerry Seinfeld, whose Unbroken Chain technique has proven invaluable. It’s quite simple: get a big full-year calendar and put it up prominently in your workspace, clearly visible to yourself and everyone else. Then for each day set a clear, measurable goal and, if you achieve it, you get to put a big red X on that day. If not, the Blank of Shame is obvious to all. As I am currently concentrating on finishing the book and getting everything in that I possibly can, my daily goal these days is 500 words, or about 2 pages in standard manuscript form. The work stood at about 73k words on April 7 and is now over 94, so that’s about 80pp in 2 months. As you can see,

my chain has hardly been unbroken, but I am averaging 4-5 X’s per week.For reference, the average fantasy book these days is 100-120k words, though some of the more epic tomes can reach 300+. On the other hand, publishers often don’t like >100k first works. So I have a ways to go, but I think this year is good for a first draft. Wish me luck!

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