Interview With The Magus

I had my first interview for the Acts of Simon Magus on May 7, with the Aeon Arcanum Gnostic Show!

I don’t normally get to actually talk to anyone about the themes and ideas surrounding the Acts and it was a lot of fun. Host James (and, briefly, Alex) were very knowledgeable, and are in fact writing their own book (non-fiction) on the same theme. It’s interesting how different people can have such different takes on the same topic; of course the realities and mythologies of Simon and his more famous contemporaries have been fervently debated for 2000 years and will no doubt be for another 2000. What’s also interesting is how one looks on video when not accustomed to it: when you’re used to seeing yourself in a mirror you don’t notice any facial asymmetries, but they’re doubled when you see yourself unreflected. Well, I guess I’ll have to get used to it!

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