QUIZ: Who’s that Messiah?

  • Lived in Palestine in the first century AD
  • Said to be the manifestation of God on Earth
  • Inspired people with his teachings and amazed them with his miracles
  • Hung around with low-lifes and outcasts, including a known prostitute
  • Started a new and powerful religion
  • Died a shameful death before the Roman authorities

Well yes, him too, but the correct answer in this case is Simon Magus, the infamous heretic/sorcerer whose struggles with the early Christian Church became legend.

Here are some scenes from his life:

Son of the Mummy
Young Simon arrives in Alexandria and takes shelter in a tomb…
Read on.
Dedi The Wonder of Dedi
Simon learns another side of Magic…
Read on.
Orchestra of the Damned
Simon meets the Daemon Sultan.
Read on.
The Whore of Tyre
In his capacity as Great Power Of God, Simon has agreed to pimp the spirit of Helen of Troy to the lecherous Faustos… Read on.
The Passion of Sophia
Simon, Helena and the Simoniacs make an infomercial and create a new faith… Read on.

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by Glendenning Cram

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